Can Exercises Help Me Avoid Breast Lift Surgery?

BarbellThere are numerous articles and sources of information on the Internet that suggest women can perform particular chest exercises to enhance the position, shape, and even size of their breasts without the need for invasive surgery. While it is true that certain exercises may be able to help moderately tone and contour the breasts to a certain degree, there are no workout techniques that can help significantly elevate the breasts without surgery. Here’s why:

Generally speaking, flyes, pushups, bench presses, and other techniques intended to target the chest and surrounding areas work to strengthen muscles and diminish fat located underneath and/or around the breasts. Although these are certainly desirable side effects of exercise, neither added muscle tone nor reduced fat helps to actually lift the breasts to a higher position on the chest wall. Contrarily, mastopexy (more commonly known as breast lift surgery) is designed to eliminate excess skin and recontour the overall shape of the breasts for a firmer, more “perky” appearance. In addition, the procedure can also improve the size and/or position of the nipple-areolar complex, which is something that typically remains unresponsive to chest exercises and other non-surgical means.

Ultimately, none of this is to say you shouldn’t go to the gym or regularly exercise. In fact, following a healthy exercise and workout regimen is a large component of living a well-balanced lifestyle. Just bear in mind that regardless of how many repetitions of chest exercises you perform, surgery will still typically be the most effective option for correcting the excess of skin and breast tissues that generally causes breast drooping.

– Daniel C. Mills, MD

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