Breast Augmentation Recovery

breast-augmentation-recoveryThe average breast augmentation patient can typically expect to take about four to five days off of work following their procedure; however, this will depend on her profession. The patient who uses her muscles quite a bit, such as a UPS worker who has to pick up and move lots of packages, may need a longer time to rest than someone who has a desk job. Reason being, when the muscle is detached from the bottom of the ribcage, stretching or pulling it too quickly can be harmful, as it needs time to heal. This concept is similar to a professional athlete who has to wait an extended period of time for a pulled hamstring to heal before exerting pressure on that muscle again.

Occupations aside, most patients should be able to return to normal daily activities, such as running errands, at two to three days. Dr. Mills generally recommends patients do not do anything that increases their heart and pulse rates for at least two to three weeks, as this may increase the chance for bleeding and hematoma which could require additional surgery. At about the two-week mark, patients can typically begin to incrementally increase their pulse rates and blood pressure by going on light strolls or walks, though normal exercise routines should not be resumed until at least four weeks. Additionally, strenuous arm and chest exercises that pull on the pectoral major muscle should be avoided until about eight weeks after surgery.

Ultimately, recovery times from breast augmentation will be dependant on your body’s natural healing process, and Dr. Mills will provide proper instruction based on your specific needs following your procedure.

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