What Are My Breast Implant Options?

shutterstock_143220898At the Aesthetic Plastic Surgical Institute, Dr. Mills offers three different types of breast implants: saline, silicone, and gummy bear (cohesive gel).

The least expensive breast implant option is the saline implant. In addition to costing less, an added benefit of saline implants is that the incision made to place the implants can generally be a little bit smaller than that necessary for other implant options. Although saline implants do have the tendency to show more rippling (70% more than the other types of implants), they can be an excellent option for providing beautiful breast augmentation results.

The most common implant used is the smooth-wall silicone gel implant. This particular implant option has about 70% less rippling than saline, it often feels the softest, and its results are typically very natural looking. While there may be a bit higher chance of capsular contracture with smooth-wall silicone implants (10% nationally), Dr. Mills’ personal capsular contracture rate is only 2% with these implants. Additionally, this implant option should last about 10-12 years whereas the average saline implants last about ten. Of course, however, that lifespan decreases should a capsular contracture occur.

The final breast implant option offered at our practice is the gummy bear breast implant, also referred to as cohesive gel implants, which is believed to potentially last longer than other implants types. These implants have shown a decrease in the risk of capsular contracture (only 1.6%), and since they are more cohesive, they typically won’t leak as much in the rare event of a rupture. Gummy bear implants also come with textured outer shells, which means they tend to stay securely in place – if you lie down at the beach, they won’t droop to the side like normal breasts. While they are the most expensive implants, gummy bear implants are likely the implant of choice for those who want the longest lasting option.

As with any choice, there are advantages and disadvantages for each implant option, so the ideal implant option will ultimately depend on your unique cosmetic goals.

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