Where Are Incisions for Breast Augmentation Made?

breast-augmentation-incision-optionsThere are essentially three different incision options Dr. Mills utilizes for breast augmentation surgery at the Aesthetic Plastic Surgical Institute:

  • Periareolar Incision
  • Inframammary Incision
  • Axillary Incision

Historically, plastic surgeons have used the periareolar incision quite a bit as the resulting scar often hides nicely between the darker and lighter tissues surrounding the areola. However, more scientific research and published papers in scientific journals show that this technique may lead to an increased chance of bacteria contamination, which could result in capsular contracture. Additionally, there is a higher chance for loss of nipple sensation because the nerve extending to the nipple can potentially be damaged when making the incision.

Compared to a periareolar incision, an inframammary incision has a reduced chance of developing bacterial contamination. With this incision, potential scarring can often be concealed along the crease below the breasts if the implants are drooping a little bit. However, if the implants are not drooping, the resulting scar from a periareolar incision may be a bit more noticeable.

Dr. Mills’ favorite way to make the incision for breast augmentation is the axillary, or armpit, incision. As its name suggests, this small incision is made in the armpit, effectively helping to conceal potential scarring. In fact, an axillary incision typically heals so nicely that it’s often hard to locate the scar down the road because it resembles a crease in the armpit. The axillary incision never comes in contact with the breast tissue, so Dr. Mills finds a lesser chance of capsular contracture at his practice using this incision. Additionally, this technique also provides the least chance of losing nipple sensation because the nerve extending to the nipple is further away from the location of the incision.

Ultimately, each of these breast augmentation incisions can be used to place the implant under the muscle (which is a safer positioning for breast implants), and the type of incision Dr. Mills will utilize will be based on your specific needs and desired outcomes.

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