How Do I Choose the Correct Implant Shape and Size?

vectra-3D-breast-implantsWhen selecting the proper size and shape for breast implants, the patient’s goals and expectations must be thoroughly assessed and matched to what can ultimately be achieved. In order to do so, Dr. Mills spends a lot of time going over what the patient wants and identifying what would make them happy.

Implant sizers, which Dr. Mills believes can be the best way to determine proper implant size, are inserted into the patient’s bra to get an idea of what she would look like with a particular implant size. The VECTRA® 3D imaging system can then be used as an excellent data point to go along with the sizers, as it provides a three dimensional estimation of what the patient may look like with a variety of different implant sizes. Additionally, patients can then look at their sizers and VECTRA® 3D images from the comfort of their own homes via a personal TouchMD web portal.

Shape, on the other hand, has to be more visual and is typically determined by looking at results obtained by other patients. “High profile” means there will be a little more roundness on top, and “moderate profile” resembles the look of a push-up bra. There are also “lower profile” implants designed to more closely resemble natural breasts, but we have seen that more women today are choosing the moderate profile that provides them with a little bit of a push-up bra look. The most important thing is to have an implant that is as wide as the breast, or an unnatural-looking outcome will often result.

No matter your breast enhancement goals, Dr. Mills will work closely with you to determine the implant size and shape that has the most potential to achieve the results you are envisioning.

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